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USGS Digital Line Graphs (DLGs)

Large-Scale (7.5-minute) DLGs correspond to the USGS 1:20,000, 1:24,000
and 1:25,000-scale topographic quadrangle maps.

Digital Line Graphs (DLGs) are digital vector representations of cartographic information
derived from USGS maps and related sources.

Only Selective coverage of the Large-Scale (7.5-minute) DLGs are available.

The following layers (or categories of feature type) may be available:

Layer Feature Type
Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Township, range, and section lines
Boundaries State, county, city, and other national and State lands such as forests and Parks
Transportation Roads and trails, railroads, pipelines and transmission lines
Hydrography Flowing water, standing water, and wetlands
Hypsography Contours and supplementary spot elevations
Non-vegetative features Glacial moraine, lava, sand, and gravel
Survey control and markers Horizontal and vertical monuments (third order or better)
Manmade features Cultural features, such as building, not collected in other data categories
Vegetative surface cover Woods, scrub, orchards, and vineyards

Projection information is selected during Check Out
     Select UTM, State Plane, Latitude / Longitude or Web Mercator Projection
       The projection information applies for complete order
       If multiple projections are required please submit multiple orders

ESRI Shapefile output format.

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