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Select USGS DLG Degrees

Degrees are available via Internet Download or USB Flash / External Drive
with payment via Credit Card or Subscription.

Projection and format information is selected during Check Out.
    Select UTM, State Plane, Latitude / Longitude Projection.
    ESRI Shapefile Format.
    The projection and format information applies for complete order.
    If multiple projections or formats are required please submit multiple orders.

A DLG Degree is NOT available as 1 Free Download
 Select all Degrees in a State:
  Sample returns all degrees for the state of Alabama
 Select all Degrees in a County:
  Sample returns all Counties for the state of Alabama
 Select Degrees by Name:
  Sample returns Los Angeles, CA - East and West
 Select Degrees by Number:
   YYXXX where YY  = Latitude
                  and  XXX = Longitude
  Sample returns 37109
 Select Degrees by Area:
 Returns Full Degrees within Specified Area.

Northern Latitude:   
Western Longitude:   Eastern Longitude:  
Southern Latitude:   
  Sample returns 46095 through 46099 and 47095 through 47099