ChartTiff ContourPlus   ChartTiff ContourPlus
ChartTiff ContoursPlus include the DLG Overlays Data Set and the Wetlands Quad

In addition to a set of Contours generated from the National Elevation Dataset.

ChartTiff ContoursPlus includes the corresponding DLG quad set of Overlays
and now includes the corresponding Wetlands quad.

Optional Overlays Available As Example: 1:24,000 Scale Quad O40105a1 -- Erie, CO

ChartTiff Contours Plus Boundaries ChartTiff Contours Plus Hypsography ChartTiff Contours Plus Hydrography

BD -- Boundaries

HP -- Hypsography

HY -- Hydrography

ChartTiff Contours Plus Man Made Features ChartTiff Contours Plus Transportation ChartTiff Contours Plus Non-Vegetative Cover

MS -- Man-Made Features

MT -- Misc Transportation

NV -- Non-Vegetative Cover

ChartTiff Contours Plus Public Land Survey ChartTiff Contours Plus Roads ChartTiff Contours Plus Railroads

PL -- Public Land Survey

RD -- Roads

RR -- Railroads

ChartTiff Contours Plus Vegatation ChartTiff Contours Plus Survey Control ChartTiff Contours Plus Wetlands

SC -- Vegetative Surface Cover

SM -- Survey Control


ContoursPlus Individual Quads
  • Contours generated from the National Elevation Dataset Click for Details

  • Wetlands from the National Wetlands Inventory Click for Details

  • Overlays Based on Availability

    1) Includes all Large 1:24,000 Scale Overlays Available.

    2) Non-Available Large 1:24,000 Scale Overlays are supplied from
        Overlays generated from the Intermediate 1:100,000 Scale Overlays.

    3)  Some overlays regardless of scale may not be available from the USGS.
        In this case some overlays may not be provided.

  • Available in ESRI Shapefiles and AutoCAD DXF / DWG formats and includes all attributes.
    Note: 24 hour turnaround for Internet downloads on Contours and Overlays

  • Available Projections
    UTM - User Selectable Zones - NAD27 / NAD83 / WGS72 / WGS84
    State Plane - User Selectable Zones - NAD27 / NAD83
    Latitude / Longitude - NAD27 / NAD83 / WGS72 / WGS84
    Web Mercator - WGS84

  • Contour Units (selected during check-out)
    Select 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 90, 100  Feet / Meters

  • Available via Internet Download or USB Flash / External Drive
  ContourPlus Quads are NOT available as 1 Free Download

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