ChartTiff DOQQs   ChartTiff DOQQs
  Individual USGS DOQQs/DOQs
  DOQQs are USGS Digital OrthoPhoto 3.75 Minute Quarter Quadrangles.
  DOQs are USGS Digital OrthoPhoto 7.5 Minute Quadrangles.
     (Available in Oregon, Washington and Alaska)

  Displays Active and Historical (if available)

  DOQQs / DOQs are available via Internet Download  or USB Flash / External Drive
     with payment via Credit Card or Subscription.

Projection and format information is selected during Check Out.
     Select UTM, State Plane, Latitude / Longitude or Web Mercator Projection
     The projection information applies for complete order.
     If multiple projections are required please submit multiple orders.

  Standard GeoTiff format
     Plus ESRI "tfw" and MapInfo "tab" files

     Optional -- Selectable at Check-Out:
         Convert 24 to 8-Bit (256 Color) Geo Tiff PackBits format (CIR DOQQs Only),
         Convert 24 to 8-Bit (256 Color) Geo Tiff Uncompressed format (CIR DOQQs Only),
         JPEG & JPEG2000 formats

  See About for DOQQ/DOQ Naming Conventions

A USGS DOQQ/DOQ is available as 1 Free Download

ChartTiff Interactive
Try our totally interactive geo-graphical interface
for selecting and ordering data.

ChartTiff Interactive Topo Map Locator
Select Quads by Place Name:              
Select Quads by State / County:
 Sample returns all Counties for the state of Alabama
Select Quads by Quad Name:
  Sample returns Aspen, VA and Aspen Lake, OR
 Select Quads by Number:
OYYXXXrc  where:
O = Optional
XX = Latitude (18 to 71)
YYY = Longitude (066 to 185)
r = Quad Row (a thru h)   
c = Quad Column (1 thru 8)
Sample returns 46098h1 through 46098h8
 Select Quads by Point:
  Returns Individual Quads containing point.
  Input as Decimal Degrees (35.75)
      or as Degrees Minutes Seconds (35 30 15) / (35d 30m 15s) / (35.30.15)

Latitude:     Longitude:   
   Sample returns  44121a2
Select Quads by GoogleMaps Location
Use our GoogleMaps interface to locate your location of interest.
Set a marker to select the location.
 Select Quads by Area:
  Returns Individual Quads within Specified Area.
  Input as Decimal Degrees (35.75)
      or as Degrees Minutes Seconds (35 30 15) / (35d 30m 15s) / (35.30.15)

Northern Latitude:  
Western Longitude:  Eastern Longitude: 
Southern Latitude:  

  Sample returns 47099a1 thru 47099a2 and 47099b1 thru 47099b2
Select Quads by a GoogleMaps Area
Use our GoogleMaps interface to locate your area of interest.
Set 2 markers to select the area.