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   Microstation Users

MicroStation Users read ChartTiff without Header Modifications

Bentley Systems has developed a "Raster Manager" module for MicroStation which enables accurate georeferenced display of "standard" ChartTiff files with the Geotiff key denoting the linear units for the image.

Raster Manager is an optional add-on at this time, but will be standard on future releases of MicroStation, completely replacing the current MicroStation "raster reference file" functionality.

Bentley's "standard" assumed that linear units were meters, and provided no parameters to designate the linear units as being anything else.

Bentley has built in to Raster Manager the ability to interpret the "ProjLinearUnitsGeoKey" to facilitate the use of images with linear units other than meters.

ChartTiff images work correctly with MicroStation (version released 25 May 01) and Raster Manager (version released 7 May 01).