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Digital Elevation Models
  • Complete Coverage of the Continental US in 30 or 60 Meter resolution
         Created using the latest elevation (10 / 30 Meter) data available
         Created using the latest release level (ODB Version 1 / 2) data available

  • Have all voided and slivered areas filled

  • Made as rectangular data sets to be compatible with our
    ChartTiff Geo's and GeoLite's

  • File names compatible with USGS DRG Quad file names

  • Horizontal Resolution
    30 Meter resolution for Continental US  (Also known as 1 Arc Second Resolution)
    60 Meter resolution for Continental US  (Also known as 2 Arc Second Resolution)

  • Vertical Resolution: Decimal or whole units of meters or feet

  • Vertical Datum: 1929 (NGVD 29)

  • USGS DEM (Digital Elevation Model) format documentation:

  • Individual Quads available in: USGS Standard DEM file format

    GeoTIFF Format, includes ".tfw" world file

    ESRI Grid Float Format

    PLS-CADD ASCII Text, X,Y,Z format
        XYZ text file format specifically for PLS CADD Software

    ASCII Text, X,Y,Z format
        XYZ text file format is a simple text format
        where each elevation point is described by x, y, and z coordinates.
        The x value defines the east/west coordinate,
              y defines the north/south coordinate, and
              z defines the elevation.
        User can select Tab, Comma or Space delimited file.
        The XYZ text format does not contain any header information:


    C Tech File Format
        GMF and EFF files, directly read by C Tech Software

  • Available Projections
    UTM - User Selectable Zones - NAD27 / NAD83 / WGS72 / WGS84
    State Plane - User Selectable Zones - NAD27 / NAD83
    Latitude / Longitude - NAD27 / NAD83 / WGS72 / WGS84
    Web Mercator - WGS84

  • Optional Shaded Elevation Models can be added as an additional file.
    Click Here for Additional Information.
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