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2019 NAIP Aerial Imagery Coming Online !

Check out New NAIP County Sale Pricing below !

49,882 Individual DOQQs in 473 Counties:

8 Complete States:
Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas,
North Dakota, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Wyoming

USDA 2018 NAIP Revisions

   0.6, 1 and 2 Meter DOQQs Available  
   States Planned

Check Out New NAIP County Sale Pricing

  • Save over 70% from last year's Full County Prices
      - Sub-Meter Counties are $0.50 per DOQQ
      - 1-Meter Counties are $0.40 per DOQQ
      - 2-Meter Counties are $0.30 per DOQQ

  • Offer Expires February 29, 2020

  • Individual DOOQs by Full County.

      - DOQQs are Standard 3.75 Minutes by 3.75 Minutes to allow for easy
        management and display.  Each ChartTIff NAIP DOQQ image is
        rectangular to eliminate any display of voided areas during the
        mosaicing process.

      -  Projection Available
             UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) - Meters / Feet / US Feet
             State Plane - Feet / US Feet / Meters
             Latitude / Longitude - Decimal Degrees
             Web Mercator WGS84

      - 0.6, 1 and 2 Meter Resolution Available
    Data Formats Available
             Standard Geotiff format
             8-Bit 256 Color Packbit format
             8-Bit 256 Color Uncompressed format
             JPEG2000 Compression
             JPEG Compression
             MrSid Compressed Format

For additional information:   NAIP DOQQs

For NAIP County availability and pricing:   NAIP County Search

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